The Dean’s Office of the College is a collegial body headed by the Dean and consists of:

a) Dean;

b) Deputy Dean;

c) Administrator of the main unit;

d) Heads of basic units


Except as provided in the statute of the College, the Dean’s Office exercises the following powers:

The Dean’s Office drafts the strategic development plan of the main unit, based on the proposals of its basic units, as well as those of the administrator of the main unit and coordinates the activity of the basic units.
Takes into consideration the problems of the daily functioning of the main unit and in accordance with the functions and competencies makes a decision or passes it for consideration to other governing bodies or authorities.
Approves the list of invited academic staff that will be activated during the teaching process and submits it to the Rector for approval.

Functions and competencies of the Dean

The Dean has the following functions:
Directs and represents the Faculty;
He is a Member of the Senate;
Exercises the control of legality over the governing authorities within the faculty.
The Dean also exercises the following competencies:
Proposes to the Rector the name of the Deputy Dean, for approval and appointment;
Appoints the head of the department;
Appoints the heads of the teaching groups on the basis of the proposal of the head of the basic unit.
Organizes the registration of students according to the study programs in the faculty, in accordance with the criteria and procedures approved for this purpose;
Supervises the progress of teaching and scientific activity in the basic units, coordinating the work and cooperating with the leaders of the basic units;
Approves the commissions of formation exams, defense of diplomas for study programs ;.
Proposes to the rector the expulsion of students, for the cases provided in the Faculty Regulations;
Presents to the Rectorate, for each year, the report on the teaching, scientific and financial activity of the faculty, after discussion and prior approval by the deans.
Organizes admission competitions for new students in the faculty and controls the proper functioning of admission commissions;
Approves the internal regulations of the units within the faculty.
Signs diplomas issued by the relevant main unit.
Based on the number of students and the commitments of the faculty, the Rector proposes the opening of the position of deputy dean in that faculty;
Approves the chairmen and members of the commissions of entrance exams, formation exams and defense of diplomas, theses of entrance exams, formation exams and draft diploma topics, on the proposal of the Head of the Basic Unit;
The Dean in the exercise of powers, expresses himself with orders and instructions;
In flagrant cases or serious violations of the law and bylaws by the head of a department proposes to the rector his dismissal. The Rector expresses himself within a month;
The Dean appoints one of the heads of the research or scientific groups, who will replace the suspended governing authority until the appointment of the new authority.
The Dean performs other duties defined in the legislation in force, in the Statute of the College or other acts.
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