Information about how to reach the University College “Reald”

Contact Info

Upon their arrival, incoming students have to be registered at the International Office (University College “Reald” Building  A1, 2-nd floor).

The International Relations Office is, through the orientation meetings organized, their first and permanent contact point.

During their mobility period, students are always welcome whenever they have academic, personal or practical difficulties.

Private rented rooms

Students will be assisted in finding suitable accommodation in private rented rooms upon their arrival through the international office.

The cost of a single room in a private furnished flat is around € 200 per month, for a double room the price is around € 250.

Upon arrival

Upon their arrival students looking for accommodation are suggested to stay at the Kraal Hotel “KRAAL” for the first nights.

The cost is approximately € 25 per night (with the discount for International students)

For booking and further information, please contact:

Rruga”Gavril Dara”,  – 9401 , Vlore – Albania
Tel.: +35533 200 588
Fax: +35569 70 90 000


Health Insurance

For foreign students it is compulsory to hold a health insurance (or a health insurance payment receipt) in order to apply for the residence permit. They can choose among two alternatives to obtain a health coverage:

1. Purchase a private health insurance in their own country before departure. It is always advisable that the insurance policy is validated by the Albanian embassy and translated into Albanian or English.

2. Purchase a private health insurance upon arrival in Albania. Usually, students purchase the private insurance offered by the italian postal service “Le poste italiane” and costs about € 60,00.

We strongly advice students to get proper information about what covers every insurance before purchasing it.

Within 15 working days upon arrival, foreign students must apply for a Permit of stay through the assistance of the international office.

The international office  will assist students in filling in the application form .

Obtaining the Permit of stay is compulsory and it costs about € 180,00 (including revenue stamp and operating costs).

 Required documents:

  • Copy of a of the passport or identity card;
  • Copy of the insurance policy covering the student from health and accidents problems ;
  • 4 ID-card/passport size pictures;
  • Lease contract or statement of current residence of the student;
  • Albanian tax fee.

Useful numbers and emergency Contacts

  • Ambulance service: 127
  • Police: 129
  • Emergency: 112
  • Fire brigade: 128

Departmental Coordinators for international mobility

Once registered in the International Relations Office, we strogly recommend incoming students to contact their Departmental coordinator for international mobility for any academic issues.

Learning Agreement

In case of changes of course units, the Learning Agreement can be modified at the beginning of each semester but all changes have to be approved by the student, the sending Institution and the receiving Institution.

Important note: the final version of the Learning Agreement signed by both Institutions has to be delivered to the International Office – Erasmus Office of the University College “Reald”:

  • Deadline 1st semester and full academic year: within 31st October.
  • Deadline 2nd semester: within 31st March.


Exams may be taken at the end of each course in the established period through a written or oral test.

 In case of doubts or difficulties, please go to the International  Office.

Grading System

The results of the exams passed are given with a grade based on the national system, where the top grade is 10 and 5 is the passing grade.

University credits (CFU) are equivalent to European credits (ECTS): 1 CFU = 1 ECTS

Course units grade conversion from the Albanian education system to the international education system will be carried out individually for each course unit and will be stated in the Transcript of Records issued to the student’s home Institution.

Academic Calendar

Courses are usually organised in two semesters. Semester dates:

1st semester:

  • Starts in September/ October
  • Ends in December/ January
  • Examinations: January/ February/ March (resit examinations)

2nd semester:

  • Starts in February/ March
  • Ends in May/ June
  • Examinations: June/ July/ September (resit examinations)

Most courses last one semester, but there are also courses that last for the whole academic year.

The beginning of each semester may vary depending on each Department. Updated information will be published on their websites.

The office “E Drejta e Studimit” supports students with special needs.

Among their services, we can find:

  • Assisting sudents to administrative formalities;
  • Preparing teaching supports for students who can not use printed materials;
  • Computer aids and study support;
  • Availability of dedicated equipments and furnishings for classes.

Each department has its own coordinator dealing with disabled students.