THE COUNCIL OF THE FACULTY It is a collegial decision-making body of the faculty, which consists of the dean and department heads. This body shall exercise the following powers: 1. Proposes to the Rectorate for approval, structure and number of staff in the faculty. 2. Approves the number of students who will be employed during […]


THE DEAN’S OFFICE The dean’s office in a college is the collegial organ that is directed by the Dean and it comprises of: a) The Dean; b) The vice Dean; c) The administrator of the main unit; d) The directors of the main units: In addition to the statute of the College, the Dean shall […]


THE COUNCIL OF ETHICS The council of ethics in the University College “Reald” is comprised of: Përparim FAKAJ            – Chairman Lejdi FETAHU             – member Arnold SINANAJ         – member   The council of ethics functions based on the law no. 80/2015, “For the […]


THE BOARD OF ADMINISTRATION The board of administration is the highest administrative collegial organ, which guarantees the fulfilment of the mission of the institution of the higher education, the financial and administrative process. The components, functions, and its competencies are determined in the Statute of the College.  THE BOARD OF ADMINISTRATION IS COMPRISED OF 1. […]

The History of UNIREALD

The History of UNIREALD The academy of the Applied Sciences “Reald” (initially known as ASAR) was licenced with the Order number 650 on 14.09.2011 of the Minister’s Council. According to this Order, the Academy is organised in two Faculties: The Faculty of the Human Sciences and the Faculty of the Medicinal Sciences with the study […]

The Academic Senate

The Academic Senate The academic senate of the REALD University College: Prof.Dr. Spiro CAUSHI, Chairman of the senate (Rector) 2. Prof.As.Dr. Petrit KOTORI, (Faculty of the Medicinal Sciences) 3. Prof.As.Dr. Sotir VANGJELI, (Faculty of the Medicinal Sciences) 4. Dr. Myzafer ELEZI, (Faculty of Economy) 5. Dr. Adelina SKËNDERI, (Faculty of the Medicinal Sciences) 6. Dr. […]