It is a collegial decision-making body of the faculty, which consists of the dean and heads of departments. This body exercises the following competencies:

Proposes to the Rectorate for approval the structure and number of employees in the faculty.
Approves the number of students that will be employed during the time of study in the faculty with the respective positions, together with their payments.
Announces the winning projects, to be funded by research funds from the faculty budget, as well as scholarships for studies or research administered by the faculty itself.
Approves the list of scientific periodicals where the faculty will agree as well as the titles of the books that will be purchased for the faculty library.
Approves the manner of using the donations that have been made in favor of a department, taking into account the proposal of the beneficiary department.
Exercises other competencies that are defined in the regulation of the Faculty, based on the specifics of each Faculty.