The Faculty of Economy

The Faculty of Economics

Dean of the Faculty of Economics: Prof.Ass.Dr. Engjell LIÇAJ

The Faculty was established by Decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania, no. 650, dated 14.09.2011, as one of the main units of the Academy of Applied Studies “Reald”, today the University College “Reald”. In the beginning, it had three departments: Finance, Management and Marketing.

The number of students in the Marketing Department declined year after year and this department was merged to the others. Today the Faculty of Economics has the following departments:

  1. Department of Finance
  2. Department of Management
  3. Scientific-Research Center

The Faculty of Humanities offers two full-time first cycle study programs: “Bachelor” in “Finance” and “Bachelor” in “Management”, a full-time second cycle program of “Master of Science” ”In“ Finance and Financial Markets ”, as well as a 2-year Professional Program “Administrative Assistant ”.

Currently, the Faculty of Economics operates on the basis of new curricula, tailored to Western school curricula and based on the market needs of the Southern Region.