Why should I choose to study at the University College “REALD” Vlora
University communities are important actors in human capital creation and development design.

REALD University College has drafted an action plan for the intelligent growth of the country, aiming at a functional synergy between economic growth and employment, modern knowledge and technology, reform of academic and professional programs.
REALD University College has successfully passed the institutional accreditation phase by the British Accreditation Agency (QAA) and the Higher Education Quality Assurance Agency (ASCAL). The college was evaluated for a period of 5 years out of 6 years which is the maximum evaluation.
The Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Medical Sciences are part of the study programs at the University College “REALD” and are among the sectors that will change greatly in the near future which are, financial services, health sector, etc.
To overcome the legacy of the place between the education system and the labor market: asymmetry of education and vocational training / offer, REALD University College has opened new 2-year higher education programs such as “Dental Assistant” and “Administrative Assistant” ”. We aim to offer graduates, with the habit of entering the market. These programs will include all those graduates who do not meet the requirement of the grade point average set by the ministry responsible for education, to continue higher education.
University College “REALD” offers a high level teaching process and responds to the demands of the time, as well as strongly contributes to the challenges of higher education, Albanian society and the sustainable development of Albania. With us you will find the necessary infrastructure, as well as a rich and healthy student life. The cooperation agreements that the University College “REALD” has with the University of Medicine Tirana, the University “Ismail Qemali” Vlora, the European University of Tirana, and with the Italian universities: University of Foggia, University of Messina and University of Salerno, etc., are indicative of the credibility of these HEIs to the scientific teaching activity developed by the University College “REALD” in the field of higher education.
The REALD community is characterized by creative, passionate and analytical students. They have a boundless enthusiasm for learning and an ability to embrace new things. And they love Reald, one of the most intellectual colleges in the country. KU Reald education is characterized by close interaction between students and academic staff in an atmosphere of shared academic concern and active learning. The opportunity to collaborate with curious and passionate students is one of the extraordinary features of Reald’s academic experience. At KU “Reald”, students help each other and take care of each other.
Dear parents and families of students, the expectations and sacrifices for the education of your children will find a safe partner at the University College “REALD”. The cost of education of students coming from the regions of Vlora, Fier, Berat is lower than what is required for studies at other universities in the country and abroad. The cost of living, accommodation, transport are lower than those required in the case of studies at other universities in the country and abroad. In addition, the University College “REALD” offers free assistance in medical services for the families of its students in medical services such as Physiotherapy, Dentistry, etc. The education offered at the University College “REALD”, is the starting point of your professional development. We will work hard to contribute to your future, equipping you with the right knowledge, values ​​and qualities to make you the next change professionals who will contribute to the transformation of the country.