The Ethics Council at Reald University College consists of:

Dr. Përparim FAKAJ – chairman
Msc. Lady FETAHU – member
Msc. Arnold SINANAJ – member.
The Ethics Council operates based on Law no. 80/2015, “On Higher Education and Scientific Research in Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of Albania”, in the Statute of the College, as well as the Code of Ethics approved by the Academic Senate. The Code of Ethics determines the manner of decision-making, filing and review of complaints, execution of decisions and relevant sanctions.

The Code of Ethics defines the obligations of staff and students, their non-compliance and violation, is considered a violation of ethics and is subject to review by the Ethics Council and by the governing authorities of each level or collegial body.

Violation of ethical rules are considered all actions performed by academic staff, administrative staff, teaching aids and students who violate the personality of others, academic ethics, rules and ethical and moral norms of the institution and society, according to the Code of Ethics which is approved by the Academic Senate.

The Ethics Council is a collegial body which discusses ethical issues of academic life and submits proposals to the Rector on these issues.

The governing bodies and authorities of the College are obliged to make available to the Ethics Council all the documentation and information required for the review of relevant complaints. The Ethics Council, after considering the matter in question, makes proposals to the relevant managing authority, or directly to the rector when the request is made by him, to decide on disciplinary measures.