Academic Senate

    Academic Senate of REALD University College:

    1. Prof.Dr. Spiro CAUSHI, President of the Senate (Rector)
    2. Prof.As.Dr. Petrit KOTORI, (Faculty of Medical Sciences)
    3. Prof.As. Engjell Licaj, (Faculty of Medical Sciences)
    4. Dr. Myzafer ELEZI, (Faculty of Economics)
    5. Dr. Adelina SKËNDERI, (Faculty of Medical Sciences)
    6. Dr. Përparim FAKAJ, (Faculty of Economics)
    7. Klara HITAJ, (Student).

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    The Academic Senate of the College is the highest collegial academic decision-making body that determines the development policies of the institution, programs, coordinates, directs and controls the teaching and research activities and evaluates their effectiveness in fulfilling the mission of the college.

    The functions of the Academic Senate are:

    Guarantees the autonomy of the Institution, academic freedom, as well as the rights of students;
    Proposes to the Board of Administration the strategic development plan of the Institution and approves the annual program of its activities;
    Approves the Statute of the institution, after obtaining the prior approval of the Board of Administration. The approved statute is sent to the ministry responsible for education for final approval by the minister;
    Approves the academic structure of the institution, according to the requirements of the Law, after obtaining the prior approval of the Board of Directors.
    Approves the regulations of the institution, the regulations of its constituent units, the regulations of the study programs and the regulations and other acts that are the competence of the senate;
    Proposes the closure and reorganization of the institution as well as the merger with another Institution of higher education, after obtaining the opinion of the Board of Administration;
    Approves the opening, reorganization or closure of the main or basic units, based on the proposals of the main units and the basic units, receiving the preliminary evaluation of the Board of Directors;
    Approves the change of the name or coat of arms of the Institution, according to the provisions of the legal acts and bylaws in force.
    Approves the annual plan of academic and scientific research activities;
    Approves the detailed annual report of the activity of the institution, drafted by the Rectorate, and forwards it to the ministry responsible for education.
    Evaluates and guarantees internal quality assurance in the institution. The members of this unit are approved by the Senate, on the proposal of the rector;
    At the end of each academic year, it organizes a joint meeting of the Academic Senate with the Board of Administration, where it discusses the teaching, research and financial and administrative activities of the institution.

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    Senate decisions

    Decisions of the REALD University College Senate
    V E N D I M
    Nr. 19, dated 01.08.2017
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    No. 06, dated 22.01.2018
    Approval of the opening of the 2-year program in “” Administrative Assistant “of” Reald “University College
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    Senate Decision no. 31- date 09-03-2020 – Suspension of the learning process by Coronavirus

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