An important status in the strategic policies and forecasts of the academy of applied reald studies occupies the career development and employment of our students. The Career Counseling Office is available to students to help each of them choose the right orientation and program, in accordance with the trends, talent and individual career plan. The activity of the Career Counseling Office is oriented towards informing students. and advising them from the moment of registration with any information about the study programs offered, the advantages that each of them offers, future employment opportunities, etc.

The career counseling office also provides assistance to each student in several key areas such as:

  • Selection of the study program and the course package of each program;
  • Organizing exchange practices and programs according to each program;
  • Involvement in academic and professional activities according to each program;
  • Employment opportunities according to each study program, etc.

The career counseling office monitors and supports the academic and professional progress of students, provides every information and opportunity provided by partner institutions for both students and student candidates at our academic institution.

The career counseling office will coordinate with the faculties of asar tutoring, based on the tutoring regulation.

The Career Development Office will coordinate the alumni section, in order to provide student employment opportunities thanks to ongoing collaborations with the public and private sector.

The process of counseling and career counseling is closely related to the academic training of students, whose future our educational institution sees related to the provision of employment in institutions abroad, thanks to close cooperation with the University of Salerno, but also students you have the opportunity through public and private initiatives, conferences, open lectures, series of periodic discussions and debates, student projects in partnership, as well as through a large number of extra-curricular activities, not only to prepare professionally, but to have access correct to the academic world, forming an individual academic profile which will be useful to you in your future career, but also in further studies.

The career counseling office also updates students with detailed information on opportunities to participate in vocational training, youth forums, possible applications at local, regional and international conferences.

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Students of our institution, in a considerable number almost 98.3% are employed in institutions, public, private and self-employment.

It is understandable that for branches such as Pharmacy, Physiotherapy or Dentistry the number of self-employed is considerable.

Reald University College does not have a high number of students and as a result their employment is easily traceable by us.