REPUBLIC OF ALBANIA REALD UNIVERSITY COLLEGE       STATUTE  (Approved by Order no. 147, dated 31.03.2017, Ministry of Education and Sports)    Vlora, 2016     THE FIRST PART   CHAPTER I BASIC PRINCIPLES    Article 1 “REALD” University College  1.”REALD” University College is a non-public Higher Education Institution of academic and scientific character. “REALD” University College is a legal entity, independent and […]


REPUBLIC OF ALBANIA REALD UNIVERSITY COLLEGE            STATUTE                                                                                                                            Adopted by the decision of the Academic Senate nr __________dated,  2016       (Approved by Order no. 147, dated 31.03.2017,  Ministry of Education and Sports)                             TIRANA, 2016 […]

How to apply for studies at REALD University College

How to apply for studies at REALD University College Steps to follow and deadlines to enroll in the REALD University College The application is available at: Applications are made not only by the graduates of this academic year, but also by those who have graduated a few years ago. The following are some practical […]

The Finance Office

The Finance Office Responsible: FLUTURA GACAJ E-mail: Responsibilities and competencies: The Finance Office deals with the implementation of the economic and financial policies of Reald University College (RUC). It has the following responsibilities: Organizes and directs the work on RUC’s economic and financial affairs, in accordance with the legal and sub-legal provisions and founding […]

The learning secretary of the University College REALD

The learning secretary of the University College REALD The secretary is responsible for the issues of organisation and administration of all the academic process of teaching in the university college REALD. The secretary supervises the process of transfers, the mobility, the withdrawal and restart of the studies in the college according to the Regulation of […]

The Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources Responsibilities and competencies: The Human Resources Office pursues the implementation of the contract entered into between the Reald UC and the academic and administrative / support staff. The office collects, arranges and updates the personal file of each member of the academic and administrative staff, which contains the employment or […]

The History of UNIREALD

The History of UNIREALD The academy of the Applied Sciences “Reald” (initially known as ASAR) was licenced with the Order number 650 on 14.09.2011 of the Minister’s Council. According to this Order, the Academy is organised in two Faculties: The Faculty of the Human Sciences and the Faculty of the Medicinal Sciences with the study […]

Faculty of Medical Sciences

Faculty of Medical Sciences Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences: Prof. As. Dr. Sotir VANGELI The Faculty of Medical Sciences was established by Decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania, Nr. 650, on 14.09.2011, as one of the main units of the Academy of Applied Studies “Reald”, today the University […]